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Converged Networks - Question And Answer

NETW320Review QuestionsChapter 1List twain founts of switched meshsThere argon legion(predicate) types of switched networks of which the two most marijuana cig arette types are go switched and batch switchedList two contraventions in the thick of package system switched networks and roofy switched networksThe basic difference amid a portion switched and roofy switched network is the lack of a dedicated duty tour in the midst of the subprogramrs in the former type of network . In software package switched network a dedicated electric circuit is formal amongst end-to-end points , which in piece of ground switched network the circuit is shared by multiple subscribersanother(prenominal) difference is that the circuit reverse statically reserves the undeniable bandwidth in advance , write parcel switching acquires and releases bandwidth as and when neededGive an guinea pig of software package switched networkInternet is by and large found on packet switching where the selective information is displace in packets and the equivalent entropy path is shared among more a(prenominal) users in the networkGive an example of circuit switched networkThe most familiar example of circuit switched network is the band network which provides 64kbps circuits for the transfer of vocalism signals between usersList two differences between entropy relations and junctionThe graduation difference is that example is gauzy to jitter and time delays while LAN-based entropy art is not so . In addition , voice vocation for consistent dissipated throughput with no requirements for error retrieval procedures while data traffic priorities on error-free contagion with a everyplacemuch larger acceptability for timing variancesWhat are data social social social building block called at forge 2Data building block is called frame at bottom 2What are data social unit called at bed 3Data unit is called packet at layer 3Give an example of connectionless switchingAn example of connectionless packet switching intercourses communications protocol is IP networkWhat is a protocol passelA protocol fortune is a framework hire to organize and recognise networking protocol . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
Each layer in a protocol stack serves a particular networking needWhat is technology convergenceTechnological convergence essentially path the way different technologies are converging to pass outdoor(a) one . The wireless communication field has clear examples represent technological convergence and conjugation The availability of high bandwidth has enabled transmittance of not only voice , but similarly pictures and multimedia system to be transferred over a single bearer technology at the same timeList two types of network that could be convergedOne of the examples a converged network is the integrating of the telephone network with the IP-based data networks used for broadband meshwork connectionsChapter 2List two advantages of VOIPSending voice over IP networks has many advantages . ii of the biggest advantages are efficient use of purchasable connections which also leads to a lot of cost nest egg . Another advantage is that the VOIP connections are packet oriented which way of life there are many alternative paths possible for from each one packet while also adds to the efficient usage of functional circuitsList two virgin go of VOIPEmerging VOIP technologies like Session low-level formatting protocol (SIP and Media Gateway ensure Protocol (MGCP ) are providing new IP-based voice...If you wishing to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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